Solutions for Insomnia

This is one of the most common problems that I am asked to treat, other than pain.


I personally have suffered from insomnia to some degree or another a large part of my adult life, so I have tried lots of remedies and therapy's. What works for me is a combination of acupuncture (yes I give it to myself), herbal medicine and visualizations, this over time has calmed my entire nervous system and I am now able to sleep well. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work necessarily work for another as there are so many reasons why your sleep may be disturbed - such as poor sleep habits, stress, worry, over thinking, anxiety, depression, pain, digestive problems and food intolerance.


Also according to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) there are many different types of insomnia due to your Syndrome type - so whether you fall under Kidney Yin deficiency or Liver Qi stagnation this will alter the acupuncture points and herbs prescribed for you. This is where I love the combination of TCM and western herbal medicine, TCM adds another diagnostic dimension!


If you have problems with sleep, book in and find out what your TCM syndrome diagnosis is and what is the best way to improve your sleep.

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