vs Homeopathy: What's the difference?


As a Naturopath I often get asked “what is the difference between a Naturopath and a Homeopath?” Here is my version, outlining the differences and sharing what naturopathy means to me 😊

Naturopathy and homeopathy are both old traditional ways of healing. They are based on the principle of life force and both have an emphasis on treating you, including your mental/emotional health holistically.  Naturopathy encompasses several modalities including herbs and supplements along with diet and lifestyle.  Homeopathy on the other hand, uses highly diluted substances that initiate the body’s healing response, which is based on the principle of “like treats Like”, and involves several hundred separate remedies. 

A naturopath, however, often recommends some homeopathic remedies as part of their treatment, and a homeopath may use some naturopathic treatments alongside their remedies. Both can be thought of as complimentary, so they can be used alongside prescription medicine.

Naturopathy to me is about prevention and taking responsibility for our own health.  It’s about learning ways of keeping our body and mind working well so we have a healthy future.  I passionately believe that prevention is better, and easier than trying to come back from disease.  So let’s make an appointment and together find a way that helps you work towards a healthier future.

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