COVID-19 and your Anxiety

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Lets face it Covid-19 has caused a lot of fear and worry over the past 6 months, leaving many with ongoing feelings of anxiety. This month I am taking on the challenge to look at what that means in relation to our bodies chemistry, to share with you natural solutions and provide tips and daily habits to help reduce anxiety and increase feelings of wellbeing.

Dr Giresh Kanji, an Auckland pain specialist has undertaken research on brain chemistry relating to pain, anxiety and depression. In his book ‘Brain Connections’ he describes the cause of anxiety as a “winding up of the stress nervous system” and discusses the need to repeatedly do things that will gradually unwind it, thereby altering the bodies chemistry and improving feelings of wellbeing. The key players which are elevated in anxiety states include cortisol and adrenalin and those that are low include the ‘happy chemicals’ GABA, dopamine and serotonin.


Over the next few weeks I will share with you ways to enhance these ‘happy chemicals’ and reduce the ‘stress chemicals’ with herbs and herbal teas, nutritionals, essential oils, acupuncture points and more….watch this space!

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