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Acupuncture is not just for pain relief.

It balances the Qi (or energies) in the body,

which is why people find it so relaxing.

Naturopathy uses diet and lifestyle along with vitamin and mineral therapy to treat the cause

of disease and help restore your health.

Massage releases aches and pains in

the muscles whilst promoting a sense

of relaxation and well-being.


Experience the amazing healing powers of natural medicine, whether you want to increase energy levels or jump start your immune system.

Cupping is a safe and effective stand alone therapy or combined with massage and/or acupuncture to enhance their therapeutic effects.

I have been helping people lose weight

for several years with the Metagenics

weight-loss protocol.

Linda O'Reilly is a qualified

registered Naturopath and

Acupuncturist, registered with

NMHNZ (Naturopathy)

and NZASA (Acupuncture).

Monday , Wednesday, Friday: 9am - 7pm

Saturday: 10am - 2pm

Phone now for your first appointment

on 021 628 145.

Southern Cross beneficiaries (on the Wellbeing

plan) can claim back consultation/treatment

costs (to a maximum of $400 per year) with

practitioners registered with the above bodies


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